Don Julin's "Jazz Is Not Dead" Mandolin Workshop

Don Julin, author of the best-selling Mandolin For Dummies (Wiley 2012), and founder of Mandolins Heal The World ( is regarded as one of the top mandolin instructors on the scene today. His workshops, classes, or private lessons feature a hands-on approach focusing on developing good left and right hand coordination, along with a dose of ear training and music theory.

Don Julin's "Jazz Is Not Dead" is a six-week ZOOM mandolin workshop that focuses on some non-bluegrass elements of mandolin playing. Each week will introduce a new tune, beginning with the melody, followed by chords & rhythm patterns. Once you can play the melody and the chords, we will cover some improvisational concepts on using scales and arpeggios to create a great solo. 

Week 1: Swing 42
Week 2: Centerpiece
Week 3: Black Orpheus
Week 4: Limehouse Blues
Week 5: Night & Day
Week 6: Whispering/Groovin High

 The course includes:
• Six weekly Live 90-minute workshop sessions
• Access to recording of all workshop ZOOM sessions 
• PDFs with standard notation, tablature, and chord diagrams 
• Practice tracks

  Live sessions include:
• Learning the melody (one phrase at a time)
• Learning the chords and the rhythm pattern
• Tips on how to learn and practice tunes
• Tips on improvisations, variations, harmonizations.
• Live Q & A 
• Student open mic 

Live sessions will be at 7:00 pm EST.
Six Wednesday Evenings 
January 6 - February 10, 2021
Cost $150

I hope to see you there.
Don Julin