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Below are links directing you to every commercial recording I have made since 1984, and even a few things that have never been available until now. Some of these titles are still available on CD ($15), only a few are on Spotify but all are available as downloads. All downloads are priced so that you can pay whatever you want. Really! There is no minimum or maximum. So pay me whatever you want knowing that all of the money goes directly toward funding the next project and keep the music alive.

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Don Julin

Mandolin For Dummies (signed by author)
  • Mandolin For Dummies (signed by author)
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Over 400 pages of mandolin goodness make this one of the best selling mandolin books of all time. An introduction to the mandolin along with sections on playing the mandolin in a variety of styles, purchasing and caring for your mandolin, and even mandolin players past and present to listen to are all covered. Every song and exercise is demonstrated with ninety one downloadable audio tracks. See why the mandolin is the prince of all stringed instruments.

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Mandolin lesson videos and complete courses are available at Mandolins Heal The World and .