Hi folks, I am proud to announce that Mandolins Heal The World is open for business. This mandolin lesson website features over 100 mandolin video lessons, practice tracks and more. Many of the lessons are formatted using Soundslice, which makes online learning easier than ever. In coming months, a variety of great mandolin instructors will be adding videos.

Spring Mandolin Workshops 

May 4, 7pm Jamming for Dummies - Traverse City Guitar Company in Traverse City MI cost $40 
May 7, 1pm. It's All In The Right Hand - Elderly Instruments in Lansing MI. cost $40
May 10, 7pm. It's All In The Right Hand - Mass St. Music in Lawrence KS. cost $40
May 11, 7pm. Jamming for Dummies: Everyone Can Improvise! - Bradford & Franzke Fine Instruments in Kansas City Mo.

Here is a brief description of each workshop. 
Hope to see you there.

It’s All In The Right Hand 
Most accomplished players will agree that the right hand does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to mandolin playing. This hands-on workshop focuses on tried and true mandolin right hand techniques used by all of today’s mandolin heroes. All levels are welcome. 
• Holding the Pick 
• Right Hand Position for Picking and Strumming 
• Developing Tone 
• Alternate picking 
• Tremolo 
• Cross-Picking 
• Jig-Picking

Jamming For Dummies: Everyone Can Improvise! 

Ever wonder how some musicians can just make up solos on the spot? This workshop explains some of the basic elements of the language of the improviser including two common types of improvisation used in a variety of musical styles. This workshop is open to all levels and can be useful to all instrumentalists. 
• Melodic improvisation: improvising based on the melody. 
• Harmonic improvisation: improvising based on the chord structure.

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